Why Shop with Us

You already know why shopping with Road Entertainment is a super awesome idea. You've been referred to this website by one -- presumably a friend or relative -- of our many regular and returning clients, who assured you that pointing your browser to RoadEntertainment.com will result in the most rewarding, expediting audio/video shopping experience.

So you know. BuWe would like to take it from there, listing you all the reasons why shopping with us has been a smart choice, and the many benefits you'll be enjoying, starting right now, when you're readying yourself to start browsing, down till installing and enjoying the product of your selection -- with everything in between included.  

Product Selection

Let's start off with products. Ultimately, what you're looking for is to purchase something you need, right? Road Entertainment is a factory authorized dealer and carries a host of the most popular brands. Here's a partial list: 

You get the idea...

Shipping and Order Processing

In your mind's eye, rightfully so, a purchased product is already yours right after completing the transaction. You're therefore eager to actually have it, see it, and hold it in your very hands. For heaven's sake, you want to use it, like immediately, right? 

Which is why super speedy shipping is of utmost importance. Which is precisely why we've set up warehouse facilities all over the country, thus granting us the ability to deliver your purchase swiftlywith no delay and without your product traveling extensively and going through many hands.  Included with every order is free UPS ground shipping to anywhere in the US (with the exceptions of Alaska and Hawaii, as well as the US Protectorates of Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands). Items usually arrive within 2-to-5 business days. In addition to our swift and free shipping, we offer a few attractive Faster Shipping Options, including next-day and 2-day air delivery, for most items. Shipping upgrade options and fees vary, so make sure to select your preferred upgrade during the checkout process, or, as always, you can call us for more details.   This way you're guaranteed, if so warranted, with a speedy arrival and with the product remaining intact, just the way it has been packaged a few short hours prior by our experienced staff.   So, when shopping with us, you can rest assured that your purchase will be speedily expedited and will be arriving at your doorstep before you go to bed the following day. 

Customer Service 

We might be lowest in pricing, but at the same time we are superb and way over the top when it comes to custome service. Our friendly, multi-lingual (English and Spanish, among other languages) team will happily and attentively listen and address your questions and concerns, and work tirelessly to resolve everything to your utmost satisfaction.  

At Road Entertainment we pride ourselves with our 60 day return policy -- which is double the amount of the industry standard. This means that at any point following two months after a purchase, you can return the product for a full and quick refund.  

This 60-day grace period, double the industry standard of a 30-days return policy, has been implemented at Road Entertainment based upon the indication suggested by some consumer-behavior studies, that it takes up to sixty days for the average person to decisively know if an electronic product actually suits their specific needs and serves the desired results 

All that is on top of our across-the-board one-year warranty, backed either by the manufacturer or Road Entertainment. In the unlikely event that your product doesn't perform according to the promised standards, your purchase will expeditely be replaced in an easy, simple, and straightforward process.  

So, enjoy your Road Entertainment shopping experience with ease and comfort, knowing there's no way in the world you can go wrong. Surf our user-friendly and view-pleasing site, where finding your specific product or product package is a breeze; Shop with confidence remembering that there's enough of stretch for you to change or make up your mind; Purchase our brand-names and durable, one-year-long warranty -- and enjoy the top quality our products provide!